This is Me

27 Jan

This is something I wrote last year when I was going through some real tug of war situations with my feelings and emotions due to the death of a close friend, a bad break up, and finally getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship. I let too many people look around me instead of looking at me and seeing who I am. I’m not just “the marketing gal”, “the travel agent”, or that girl who you knew somewhere but you can’t remember her name. There’s more to me than all of those things and even though those people did not realize that, I do. Tonight has been one of those kinda nights where I need to step back, take a breath and get to know who I am again. This is who I am.

I’m just an average girl who’ll never stand out in a crowd.

I tend to be a little shy and yet a little loud.

My hair’s not always perfect, my jeans aren’t a size 2

I prefer a quiet night at home with not a thing to do.

Honesty’s a friend of mine, sincerity is too

I want someone to see who I really am instead of always looking through.

I am my own worst enemy, yet my own best friend

My heart and soul, once shattered, are slowly on the mend.

I’ve finally found a place I know I’m meant to be

It’s taken what seems a lifetime to find the person I’m proud to call “me”.

I’m great at over-thinking things and get quite carried away

I’ve begun to listen to my heart and what it has to say.

It’s saying this is your life, this is who you’re meant to be

Be who you are and those who didn’t before will finally start to see.

Welcome to my life and love me for who I am….this is me.


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