25 More Random Things About Me … Yeah, Still Don’t Care Do Ya? LOL

29 Jan

1 – I love uncooked cookie dough, could eat it all day long if it was available. My favorite is the ultimate turtle cookie dough that comes in squares by Nestle Toll House.

2 – I have no tolerance for arrogance, vanity or blatant stupidity – If you catch yourself looking in mirrors everytime you walk by one, constantly have to check your lipstick, think you are God’s gift to humanity (just an FYI, you weren’t born with a bow on your ass and a card with “From God” written on it), or ask stupid questions like “the flight’s sold out? what does that mean?”, then I’m pretty much not that into you..LOL

3 – Speaking of not that into you, I think that is the honest to God truth. If I like a guy and he pulls the whole “I’ll call you” thing and doesn’t, I know he’s just not that into me and I’m fine with it. Next!

4 – I love to sleep, I live to sleep! I am good in bed, I can sleep for days. My bed is my favorite vacation spot.

5- I think farts are funny…come on, you know you do too. I once let one rip in the Cheesecake Factory in DisneyQuest at Walt Disney World. My friend, Jonathan and I were there enjoying a slice on vanilla bean heaven on a plate when I bent over to get my fork, which I had dropped. Well, low and behold, what do I hear? RIPPPPPP…and it reverberated right off the back of the leather highback sofa I was sitting on. Let’s just say it wasn’t for the faint of heart and anyone within 6 blocks might have mistaken it for the earth rumbling and had to run for cover! Needless to say, I had that “OH SHIT! I’m a deer and I see headlights” look on my face, beet red face and could not stop laughing. Jonathan laughed until I thought respiratory assistance was going to be required. We made a bigger noise laughing than my personal noise probably was, but who cares…they say laughing is a great calorie burner? Then why am I not a size 4 after that? I STILL catch hell for that to this day…right, Jonathan? LOL

6 – I am a Walt Disney World fanatic – before the whole economy issue, I used to try and go at least twice a year. I refuse to stay off-site, must be a Disney resort (any of them are fine, even the cheapies), I stay at least 4 nights, I ride every ride at least twice, however I refuse to wait in line so I am the Fast Pass queen. My favorite rides are Aerosmith Rock n Roller coaster, Tower of Terror (or Tower of “Terrum” as my friend’s niece calls it), and Expedition Everest. I also like the wimpy kiddie rides and will ride Peter Pan’s Flight over and over again.

7 – I am addicted to the Food Network and I actually cook the recipes as instructed! I have a mad crush on Tyler Florence and think Emeril, Paula Deen, and Ina Garten are the masters! Bobby Flay, not so much, I think he’s a raging alcoholic with a “look at me” arrogance about him and the nastiest bitten fingernails ever although he can kick ass on a grill. I constantly DVR their shows and write down what they made. I think it’s the best channel on the planet!

8 – I try not to be judgemental and am always reminding myself not to be, but sorry, if you’re funny looking, dressed like an idiot, talk funny, or fall on your ass in public, chances are I’m laughing until I have to pee and am probably snorting about it. I’m sure I’ll be telling someone about you later. I’m human, it’s who I am.

9 – I am not one of those nervous Nellie’s or prudish girls who won’t step foot into an “adult bookstore”. I find them quite entertaining more than anything, especially with someone who has never been in one or gets embarrassed easily – that just screams “humiliate me in public” please. I once took a guy friend in one who was VERY shy and turned beet red at the mere mention of the word “penis”. He was doing the whole head ducked down, not looking at anyone thing and I yelled from across the store “HEY HONEY! I FOUND THAT BUTT PLUG YOU WERE LOOKING FOR! DO WE NEED ANAL LUBE???”. Needless to say, he made a beeline for the front door, laughing like a giggly schoolboy and that was the last time he would go with me- wonder why? LOL

10 – I look horrible in anything yellow. I look like death warmed over and resemble something that should be growing in a garden somewhere! I refuse to wear anything in any shade of yellow.

11 – I am extremely generous with my time and my heart – to a fault actually. I’ve learned not to expect anything in return and love doing stuff for other people for the sheer joy of doing it. However, when the “here, let me help you” turns into “help me, screw you”, I’m done. You’re on your own.

12 – I think there is beauty in everything if you look past the obvious. Not everything that is beautiful by sight is beautiful in heart.

13 – I love doing stupid tourist things when traveling – I have to see the big chicken on the side of the road, the tallest rocking chair, the biggest ball of twine. I once drove 10 miles off the beaten path to see the “John Dillinger” museum. It was a total waste of time, but had to see it. I love checking out the museums and monuments.

14 – I am a slob. I hate cleaning more than anything. I have a mountain in my closet so high that I can’t open the door without fear of something hitting me on the head. Dust bunnies call me mom.

15 – I collect autographs. I currently have probably close to 40 including Jimmy Buffett, John McCain, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Cappelletti, Ed Asner, Bob Hope, Matthew McConaughey, Mr Rogers, and more…

16 – One of my best friends on the planet is Marshall Hilliard who used to play “Hart Jessup” on the Guiding Light back in 1996. Hart was the main villian, Roger Thorpe’s, son. I met Marshall when I worked on the phones at American Airlines back in 1997 and we’ve been close ever since. We call each other as often as we can and always make it a point to keep in touch regardless of how busy we get. Just an FYI, if you’re a Young and the Restless fan, he is currently playing the role of one of the prison guards in all of the prison scenes. To me, he’s not Hart, he’s just Marshall and I love him to death. He’s just a good, down to earth, Southern guy.

17 – I am Southern to the bone, born and raised in Mobile, Alabama down on the Gulf Coast where debutantes, America’s Junior Miss, the USS Alabama, azaleas, shrimp and grits are common sights. I speak with the southern twang and say things like “honey”, “damn skippy”, “well shut my mouth” and “ya’ll”. I love the South and love my Alabama football. Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant was the biggest gift college football ever received. ROLL TIDE!

18 – I love hockey, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I love the smell of the ice and don’t think it’s a good game unless blood’s been shed somewhere! I love my Carolina Hurricanes no matter how they’re playing, good or bad. I love some Rod Brindamour and I wanna marry Jeff O’Neill one day (even though he’s not a Cane anymore). I still love you #92!

19 – I love sushi! You might call it bait, but I call it YUMMY! I like the strange stuff like BBQ Eel and Octopus, but my favorites are Tempura crunch rolls, dragon rolls and any of the salmon rolls! Man, now I’m slobbering!

20 – I LOVE oysters and beer! Give me raw oysters, saltines, horseradish and a Corona and you own me! I think the whole aphrodisiac thing is a myth because they do nothing for me other than make me happy! It’s hard to smile and eat an oyster at the same time, but I don’t have a choice because I’m usually smiling 🙂

21 – I hate maps, refuse to use one. Give me a GPS in a minute! Having to read a damn map takes time off your drive, not to mention they’re a bitch to refold. Whoever invented GPS is my hero!

22 – As much as I love children and would have loved to have had my own, I don’t regret not having any. With the way this world is right now, I wouldn’t want my children having to experience all of this negative, war, sadness. I love other people’s children, but with the state of things, I would not have my own.

23 – I can trip both up and down stairs, over my own tongue, over my shoelaces and can accomplish the most amazing thing ever, trip while standing completely still. There’s a good reason I’m not named Grace. I am so out of synch with my feet and with my mouth that it’s not even funny.

24 – I have a big ass, deal with it! My heart is even bigger.

25 – If you’ve said something to me that you think might have made me mad and notice I’m very quiet, there’s your clue to back off. If I’m quiet, I’m pissed. Let me have my space and step away, I’ll get over it. I prefer to talk things about rather than hold a grudge, but when I’m really really silent (which isn’t often, trust me), I am extremely pissed and probably thinking ways to strangle you. LOL


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