It’s All About NOT Sweating

25 Apr

So for the past week, I’ve been paying extra close attention to the conversations going on around me both in public and with people I know, listening to what they are talking about and complaining about and can I just tell you that people are ridiculous? People crack me up with what they bitch about, petty shit that doesn’t matter in the long run. Who cares if someone said they’d call you last night and you still haven’t heard from them? Chances are something really did come up that was just a little more important on the list of priorities – doesn’t mean they weren’t thinking of you or that they didn’t want to talk to you, it means LIFE HAPPENS! A woman at Belk’s threw a fit because someone put a blouse on the sale rack that shouldn’t have been there and she was INSISTING that she get the sale price. Damn, if someone drove a Mercedes onto a Ford lot, would you bitch because you couldn’t get it at the Ford price? Gimme a break, if you want it bad enough, buy the damn thing and spare us all the cost of having to buy Advil because you gave us a headache listening to you. So the new puppy howls and pees on the carpet? Welcome to the world of pet ownership, get used to it, how about using that energy to TRAIN your dog not to do it instead of throwing a fit when he does or better yet, pay attention when he starts showing signs of having to pee! People just make me cringe sometimes when they make the “small stuff” into the extra large oversized stuff. Lemme tell ya, in the big scheme of things, it’s all small stuff and the trick is “DON’T SWEAT IT”. For those of you who haven’t read it, I highly recommend “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff..and it’s ALL Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson, MD. Excellent book to put things in perspective for those who tend to exert entirely too much emotion and energy on things that really don’t matter. People just seem to find anything to complain about these days it seems. Just think about these small things and try them, see if they help when you feel you’re about to explode over something trivial. They’ve helped me tremendously and yes, it’s true, isn’t it really all mostly small stuff?

1. Make peace with imperfections – yourself included. I am nowhere near being perfect, will never be perfect – no one will. If your nose isn’t the perfect shape, who cares? We all have our own uniquities, that’s why we aren’t all identical. Well men are, they just all have different heads so you can tell them apart….LOL

2. Develop compassion

3. Remind yourself that you can’t take it with you at the “End”

4. Do something nice for someone and don’t expect anything in return (I practice this one pretty regularly and it does make you feel good)

5. Live in the present, the past is gone and there’s nothing you can do about it and tomorrow will take care of itself.

6. Become more patient and tolerant – I’ve recently had to practice this one for the first time because I know the outcome is something I really want and what I need, it will be worth it and so far, so good.

7. Don’t wait for someone else to reach out first, you make the first move – that person is probably waiting on you to say hello first. You could miss out on a good friendship by waiting on the other person to move first.

8. Accept that life isn’t always fair because that’s not gonna change – the problem isn’t the cards you were dealt, it’s how you choose to play those cards.

9. Allow yourself to be bored from time to time, it’s good for you – life isn’t an emergency, life isn’t one big “have to get this done”..breathe, it’s ok to slow down and rest

10. Once a week, write something heartfelt whether it be to someone else or for yourself – you know I love to write anyway and it’s usually when I’m having a battle with my inner self, so I started keeping a personal journal and it’s really helped me get things out that need to come out.

11. Make eye contact when speaking to someone

12. Set aside “time for yourself” once a day – this is mandatory for not only good mental health, but good physical health

13. Know that sometimes what you don’t say is more important that what you do say – sometimes listening is better than giving advice, keep your opinions quiet sometimes, it’s ok to just listen and chances are it’s most appreciated by the other party.

14. Tell 3 people today how important they are to you, don’t assume they know – I try to do this at least a couple of times a week if not more. You may not have tomorrow to let someone know how you felt about them today so go ahead and let them know.

15. Breathe before you speak

16. Be grateful when you’re feeling good and graceful when you’re feeling bad

17. Turn your melodrama into “mellow drama”…or better yet, get rid of your drama

18. Think of what you have instead of what you want..sometimes what you have was given to you because it’s what you need

19. Find happiness where you are

20. Get comfortable with not knowing

21. Cut yourself some slack – you’re not always going to do the right thing, say the right thing or be the person you want to be at’s ok to screw up, you’re human, we all do it.

22. Remember, one hundred years from now means all new people (I like this)

23. Lighten up and enjoy your life – it’s not yours to enjoy forever, it’s eventually going to come to an end

24. Listen to what your feelings are trying to tell you – they’re usually spot on

25. If someone throws you the ball, you aren’t required to catch it

26. Fill your life with love and surround yourself with those who make you smile – this makes all the difference in the world. If you have negative people surrounding you, you tend to start showing a negativity of your own even if you don’t think you are. It’s very visible to those around you. Having positive people in your life can completely turn you into a happier person.

27. Realize the power of your own thoughts, they’re stronger than you think they are.

28. Be open to “what is” and not always dwelling on what “could be” – “could be” isn’t guaranteed to get here

29. Keep asking yourself “what’s REALLY important?”

30. Trust your heart and it’s intuition

31. Mind your own business

32. Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary – there is beauty in everything but it’s not always obvious

33. Live as though today was your last day, it very well could be.


One Response to “It’s All About NOT Sweating”

  1. Vicki Shivers December 4, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    Thanks Jen! I needed that today! Your posts often make me look at my life and realize just how damn good it really is! You consistently inspire me and I appreciate YOU! Have a great day!

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