Things That Harsh My Mellow Even More …

25 Feb

When people who don’t agree with another’s opinion and call them “uneducated”, “uninformed”, or “dumb” instead of explaining WHY they feel that way. We’re all entitled to our opinions and it doesn’t necessarily mean someone’s right or wrong, it’s an OPINION!

Repairing bad credit, having a clean credit report and then not being able to even get a gas card because you “don’t have enough credit”

People who let their children scream in public places or people who let their kids hang over the back of my booth in a restaurant while I’m trying to eat. Manners people, manners.

People who insist on “sharing” their misery with everyone else on a constant basis. Shut up, I don’t wanna hear about it ALL the time. I’ll be your friend til the day I die, but I’ll also tell you when to shut up and quit whining.

Those who don’t seem to realize how their words and actions affect others. What you say and what you do MATTER more than you think they do.

Those who insist on constantly bringing up the word “racism”. How can we eradicate it if we don’t stop talking about it or making every little thing about it – this goes for all races. We’re all different color crayons that live in the same box, get used to it and accept it.

Someone who calls me or texts me a million times a day. I love that you think enough of me to want to talk to me that often, but unless something dramatic in your life changed from when we talked an hour ago, it’s not that urgent.

People who “selectively respond” to emails. If I’ve sent you an email, it’s because I need to either know something, need a response to or something I think you need to know because I’m trying to help YOU. Don’t ignore mine and then respond to one that was sent by someone else who copied me in yet never answer the one I sent you. I don’t send emails for no reason, and actually rarely send them at all so if I do, it’s because it’s something I feel is important enough to bring to your attention.

When I was working, it was perfectly ok for my boss to be out every other day to tend to childcare, doctor’s appointments, vacation but if I needed a couple of hours off, it was the worst thing I could ever ask for and was made to feel guilty for even asking in the first place.

When you DVR something and it cuts off before the end of what you recorded! Time Warner!

People that don’t pay child support or take care of their kids and the laws that are supposed to look out for the parent who needs it.

Those stupid email forwards that ask you to send this to 20 people or someone’s gonna come cut off your head in the middle of the night, or Bill Gates is tracking and will send you a million dollars. STOP IT!

When a vending machine won’t take my dollar because of one TINY, MINUTE crease and it’s all the money I have.

When my dog decides she wants to start heaving at 3:00 in the morning

People who use the entire merge lane and wait til the last 3 feet to merge into traffic. That’s why they give you a lane the size of a small landing strip, dummy!

People who leave 5 car lengths between themselves and car ahead of them at a stop light and then when the light turns green, they’re busy doing something else!

When my hair sticks to my lip gloss when it’s windy outside

People who pick their noses in the car and think they’re invisible. YOU’RE NOT!

People who say “done” and “seen” in sentences such as “I done gone to the store” or “I seen her nekkid”. It’s not “I seen”, it’s “I’ve seen or I have seen” and it’s not “I done gone”, it’s just “I went or I’ve gone”

People who intentionally type their Facebook statuses lIkE tHiS. Now if you’re using a smart phone and your finger slips, that’s understood but if you’re doing it because you think it’s creative, STOP IT NOW.

People who don’t thank you for holding the door open or waving thanks for letting them in front of you in traffic. Walmart greeters say thank you a million times a day, you’d think you could say it just once.

Snuggies and especially Snuggies for dogs

Speaking of dogs, they’re not purse accessories nor are they your personal Barbie dolls. They’re not meant to wear dresses or cutesy little outfits. Don’t do this, it’s just not right. Let them walk on a leash,not in a baby stroller or in a Louis Vuitton purse.

Being in the middle of a hot shower with head full of conditioner and the water turns ice cold.

People who cough or sneeze without attempting to cover their mouths and I wind up covered in droplets of ewwww…

Wrasslin’ … you do realize it’s fake, right?

People who spit on the ground and people who blow their nose in a restaurant. There is nothing more disgusting than seeing someone hock up an alien life form and leave it on the pavement for you to step in. And for the whole nose blowing thing, I don’t wanna sit down to a nice dinner, raise my fork to my mouth and hear snot coming out of your nose at 100 mph. GROSS!

Women who use PMS as an excuse for shitty attitudes. It isn’t PMS, it’s you and it’s more than once a month!

Women who wear really high heels trying to be all sexy and then walk like one of those toy penguins with a stick in it’s ass that you push. If ya can’t walk in ’em, don’t wear ’em.

Farting in public places and then trying to act like it wasn’t you. It was you, you have a green phosphorous cloud floating above you and following you, it was you and you know it!


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