Ode to the Nice Girls … by a Nice Girl

13 Mar

Ode to the Nice Girl

This goes out to the nice girl: the girl who is overlooked, is always “the friend” but nothing more, the girl that’s “smart, pretty, and fun” but never the girl that a guy can’t stop thinking about,  the girl who worries that they’ve done something wrong or aren’t pretty enough, “wild” enough or good enough to catch the heart of a guy that just likes them for who they are.  This is for those girls who don’t feel like they have to drop to their knees or spread their legs to get the attention of a guy, they prefer to have someone interested in their heart, their ambitions, their personalities and not just their cup size.  We don’t play games, we’re up front and honest, not afraid to say no, and know what we want.  We are amazing friends – we love, we cry when you’re hurt, we take care of you when you’re sick, we listen to you go on and on about the “hot girl” who you want to “tap” that you met in the bar and we’re there when you’ve had a bad day at work or through family emergencies. We genuinely care about how you are, what happens to you, how you’re feeling and the day you’ve had.

We know we’re not perfect, we’re never going to be perfect and we’re sure not going to pay to be perfect. We don’t spend countless hours in front of a mirror, at the mani/pedi salon, in the gym and our hair isn’t always in it’s perfect place. We don’t have the perfect flawless body, we have zits, some of us wear glasses, we don’t come in perfect packages. We don’t all wear little mini skirts, sundresses or flounce around like the world owes us because we were born pretty. We have insecurities, but we are secure in who and what we love. We cuss when we get mad but we’re working on doing that a little less, we hit our bare toes on the coffee table and cry, we cry during sappy movies like Finding Nemo. We aren’t looking for the trophy guy, the guy with the newest sports car, the guy with the awesome job, the guy with the Chiclet shaped, professionally bleached teeth. We just continue to be the best people we can be, the kind of girl you wouldn’t mind introducing to your parents and friends, the kind of girls that love how you are with your kids (if you have them) and support you in whatever you do even if we don’t think it’s the wisest choice and hope that’s eventually good enough for someone, someone who sees us for who we are, not how good we are in bed or how quick we can get you off.  Oh we can do those things too and we can do those things better than you think, but there’s more to us than that. Yes, we love sex as much as the next girl (I think it’s the next best thing to breathing), we can be the “dirty girl” too,  but we’re not willing to just hop into bed with any guy and we know that good relationships require more than a mind blowing orgasm. Call us boring, we call it having self respect and knowing we deserve more than a quick bang and kiss on the forehead with no intention of ever being called back. This is for the girl whose cried herself to sleep because he never called, he talks about how great we are but we’re not good enough to at least try dating, and to those who sleep on tear soaked pillows from just feeling inadequate and having feelings hurt time after time. We love, sometimes we love too hard but we always give it our entire heart and attention. If a nice girl cares about you, you can be assured it’s because of who you are, not what you have and you can be sure that it comes from the heart.

Ok, sorry, had to give some credit to the nice girls too like I did the nice guys…


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