Monday’s “Jenn-ism of the Day”

22 Mar


No one gets to live life backwards. Take a look back, that’s where you’ve already been. Take a look ahead, that’s all you have left and you don’t how long that is. Make the most of it, do what  makes you feel alive, be with those who bring you to life not those who suck it out of you, sing at the top of your tone deaf lungs, who cares if your ass is big in your jeans, shake it anyway,  smile like you just farted in front of a new boyfriend for the first time, hug someone you love, forgive someone you don’t, kiss like you really mean it, realize that those around you won’t  always be there and that day gets closer everytime you wake up. Just LIVE, stop worrying and breathe because one day you won’t be able to.

Have fun, live life on your terms and have fun with it. It’s not like you’re getting out alive anyway.


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