Realizations and Reality Checks … It’s All Comes Down to People

22 Mar

Ok those of you who truly know me, know that when something really bothers me, I write. It’s like free therapy and works alot better than spilling your guts on a couch for $100 an hr to a quack that’s gonna forget what you said when the next client comes in and the clock starts over.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really come to know without a doubt what the meaning of true friendship is and what loving people means. I’ve always been one to understand the importance of friendship and having people in your life, but for some reason, reality has decided that it’s time to give me a reminder again just to make sure I am still on the same page. The relationships you build are so important, more so than pretty much anything else. The love of other people and the love you have for other people is really the only thing you have with you at the end of this whole ride. Sure, you may have been financially secure, drove a nice car, lived in a nice house and those kind of things but really, is that gonna be what you think about when you look back on your life? No, you’re gonna remember the people, the love and the friendship. Love is the glue that holds lives together. I see so many people I care about going through situations that must be emotionally devastating, that completely shatter their core being and that change their entire lives. I don’t like seeing that, it breaks my heart and makes me realize exactly how much I love these people even more because it just makes me mad that people treat others the way they do sometimes. Maybe these things happen to remind us just how important people are, how relationships and people should be treated with care as they are so fragile if not given the attention and handling they need.

If someone loves you, truly loves you as a person, who you are without explanation, without demands, without question, let them. It’s a rare thing to find people who care that strongly about you and do what they can to make sure you know it. If someone’s willing to still be there through all your issues, drama, bullshit, personal crises, and things that other people would normally run from, that speaks volumes about how important you are to them when most people would be waving goodbye and looking for relationships and friendships that are drama free for THEM. We may all have different lives, different situations, different “issues” and quirks, but when it all comes down to it, there is one common denominator that we all share, the ability to love and be loved. We have the ability to change our lives for the better and the people in your life are there to be part of that change because they see the best in you and want the best for you.

With the shoe on the other foot, show people you love them, let them know how you feel. Don’t worry about feeling stupid or that they’re gonna think you’re an idiot for saying you love or appreciate them. Trust me, they won’t feel like that. Do things for people, simple things, every day things that matter. It doesn’t cost anything but a few minutes of your time and some room in your heart. This world is going to hell in a handbasket faster than any of us can realize from day-to-day, it’s up to us to do something to improve our own lives so we don’t notice the negatives around us as much and have something else to focus on, to make us feel better, to lift our spirits, and to make sure those around you feel important. Make your life something to be proud of, not something to moan and groan about every minute of the day. Are you married or in a relationship? Do what you can to make things work, love each other, listen and communicate, make time for each other, do things together, and stop arguing over stupid shit that really won’t matter an hour after you argued. Do you have a job? If so, don’t focus on how crappy it might be, be thankful you have a paycheck to put food on your table. Do you have kids? Make sure their lives are as happy as you can make them, stop the petty fighting with your spouse, bring people into their lives that are a good influence on them and who care about them as much as they care about you. Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about those around you. You never know what someone is feeling, how their lives are, or what bad news they may have gotten that day. A simple hello, smile or good deed might not turn their whole day around, but it might take their mind off something terrible for a least a little while.

I just hate seeing people fight and argue, take each other for granted and hurt each other when none of us know how long we’re here, what could happen tomorrow or the fact that someone you love could be here tonight and not wake up in the morning. Reality check, it happens and it’s not discriminatory, it’s random and can happen to you just as quickly as it can happen to me and it does happen every day. Just swallow your pride, your ego, and stop thinking about yourself and think about what you’d want people to say about you when it’s your time. Are they gonna say “he had a great job, he had a nice car” or do you want them to say “they always made time for me, they were always there when they could have and probably wanted to be somewhere else, they just loved with all their heart.” Is it realistic that people reading this will actually think about it, yes. Is it realistic that they will actually pay more attention and practice the art of loving and being loved, I hope so but probably not and if they do, it will just be until they get back into their normal attitudes and way of thinking but it’s nice to hope. The people in your life aren’t there because of accident, they’re there for a reason. It’s up to us to figure out what that reason is. It could be that they’re here for friendship, passing acquaintances, real love or to teach us a lesson somehow. It’s fate that decides who walks into our lives but it’s up to us to determine who we keep around and who we let walk away. Make sure you’re comfortable with that decision because it may be one you can’t go back and change later.

Ok, off my soapbox. I had to get that out. God I hate when I get into deep thinking … it’s not scary, it just hurts my brain! LOL!


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