Scenes from Last Night ….

23 Jul

Best quotes from last night:

At The Old Bar Restaurant at 9pm:

“I don’t smell meat”

At McDonald’s on Blount St:

“You want cheeeeken?” “NO LETTUCE!!!!”, “Let’s get into a circle and have NO LETTUCE training class”

Drunk Heidi Yodeling on the Mountain chick in the bar to Anthony as he carried his camera equipment case down the stairs:

“You travelin?” Anthony replies, “No, I sleep here”. Heidi replies “You SLEEP in the bar? They don’t give you a room out back?”

Drunk idiot following me like a puppy dog on the dance floor as I was taking pictures:

“Where You From? Here? Is that near here?” (followed by “HEY, take our pictures!” When I did it, I got the idiot fistbump)

Drunk Guys Yelling at JT:

“WAGON WHEEL!!!” (at which point JT says “Why don’t you come up and sing it then, dude! And he did … LOL)

REALLY Drunk Girl Who Thought Anthony was the Man:

“Can you shag? SHAAAGGG?” (followed by annoying constant tapping on the shoulder)

At the 3am checkpoint on Martin Luther King:

(From the cab in front of me in line) “Let her outta the cab, she’s gonna spew!” …

Me to Officer Johnson as he looked over my license: “How YOU doin? “Did you have donuts for dinner? Why? Your eyes look kinda glazed”

Me again after Officer Johnson didn’t look so amused at 3am: “oh crap, you’re not gonna ticket me for that bad joke are you?

(“Where You From” dude … habitual fist bumper and asker of dumb questions. Please note equally idiot dumbass friend in the background)


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