Summer of 2011: A “Jenn” Visual Retrospective

30 Aug

This is what happens when you give me a phone with a camera and send me out in public …







This is what you get if you hook up in Myrtle Beach





Is anyone a marine biologist? Can someone tell me what this is





“And then Bertha told Frank that her great uncle Horace told her cousin Agnes who is twice removed that  there was something amiss in that family.”






STD warnings are posted all over Myrtle Beach …






And then Charles Manson came in to get his feets did … even serial killers and mass murderers need pretty feet






“Do ya reckon it mighten be from one of them Pirate ships that sank out there?”






Again, just because you can doesn’t mean you should or have to.





Well, ok, but only because your sign said to …





Sir, your diaper seems a bit full …





Isn’t this how most girls with questionable taste in men get crabs?






I think the sign says it all, I don’t need to add my own commentary.





OMG! Has anyone checked on Agnes? I haven’t seen her since that twelve margarita lunch earlier today! Someone touch her! Is she alive?






Damn right I laughed. I laughed out loud, I laughed hard and I laughed until I snorted.





Dear waiter, I would prefer my tacos WITHOUT chunks please.






I’ll take two please … gotta love a B1G1 Free sale on jockeys!



This is what the face of someone eating food in a Disney World Deluxe Resort looks like compared to someone staying in the value resort.








I wonder what she’s thinking…does he love me? is this the ugliest color sweatsuit you’ve ever seen? Does my ass look big in these pants? I wonder what George Clooney is doing RIGHT now? LOL




Hmmmm, I hope it’s daid! Maybe if I poke it with a stick?



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