It’s Time for Awkward Family Photos!

7 Nov

Why am I sensing a lack of pride in being a new father here? It’s either that or he witnessed the afterbirth.

Nothing says “cheese” like a proud bitch of a big sister pulling her annoying brother’s hair out by the roots while that always protective big brother looks on.

WTH? I can’t come up with anything smart ass enough for this one …

Whoa cowabunga dude! Can someone check on the Grand Kahuna down there?

Damn it Judy, when I said I wanted us to be civil as a family, “Civil War-ish” wasn’t quite what I was meaning!

(20 Years Later) “You mean he’s not REALLY my uncle?!!!!!”

Now Erma, if you can hold your chin up a little higher … no, not LITERALLY hold it up!

Clarence was a little too excited over seeing Santa!

“Jersey Shore: The Audition Fails”

Oooh the humanity, the carnage … the …wait, don’t everyone jump at once!

I hear kids go great with Kool-Aid too!

I know! I know! How about everyone stand behind their own bush? Yeah, that’s perfect! God I’m gonna be a great photographer one day!

Chuckie was always like a little brother to me …

I’m sorry, all I can do right now is laugh … really, I’m dying…

Hello, my name is Humphrey and I like long walks on the beach at sunset with my special lady …

You can’t miss the Wang clan at Disney World, they’re the ones with the cameras.

Ya wanna see Grandpa’s “tomatoes”? Just ewww..

Make sure the baby is bungee’d in tight enough, dad!

I really don’t give a shit about this cracked bell …

Ooohhh say can you seeeeee?

No, no, no! Lean THIS way, it’s much cooler!

Cute little booger isn’t she?

OK, is it just me or does anyone else see it? LOL! Dirty minds are a terrible thing to waste!

Aunt Fern couldn’t be here, but her spirit made an appearance

Let’s play spot the sister who was pushed out of the picture at the last minute! LOL! (Hint, lower left)

If it came to cuteness, I’d “pick” her

The neighborhood HOA wouldn’t allow them to fly one in the yard so ….


Um, ya wanna see my weiner?

One of these things is NOT like the others … one of these things just doesn’t belong

It’s Hydrangea Whack a Mole with Auntie Joan

It’s Family Portrait Day at Susie Scissorhands Hair Salon

It’s only been 3 seconds, ya still have 5 left cowboy!

Ok! Who beat the shit out of Santa?

Now everyone, on the count of 3, I wanna see your best poker face … 1 … 2 … 3

I’m sorry, again, all I can do is laugh because it’s just f*in funny…

Hey sis, I’m gonna be here awhile, wanna play a game?

Oh dear God, I hate to admit it, but I have a picture just like this from the mid-80’s with two gay Chippendale dancers! LOL!


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