Jenn’s “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” Moment of the Day

9 Dec

So there was the cutest little girl at the aquarium today, around 5 years old, and she was with a man and a woman. She was looking at the sting rays and wanted to touch them. She looked at the woman and was saying “mom, mom, can I touch?” She looked at me and asked me to pick her up so she could get closer. I said “sweetie, I can’t pick you up but your mommy or daddy can”. Boom! Shoulda known better than to assume anything. The little girl yells out “Oh he’s not my daddy, that’s Christopher. My daddy’s in jail! He didn’t kill nobody though, he just stoled alot of moneys”. I mouthed “I’m sorry” to the mom across the tank, who was beet red but said “that’s ok, she would have told you eventually, she tells everyone”. Well she told about 15 people standing around the tank. I think I about laughed myself into a nearly “wet my pants” issue. I love awkwardness, don’t you?


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