Positive Thought for Sunday, January 15, 2012: You Are …

15 Jan

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page today and it said so much. Who we are as people are the only thing that truly matters, or should matter. The rest is superficial and can change at anytime. You can lose your physical beauty in an accident, lose a limb, gain weight or lose weight due to any number of reasons other than sitting on your ass and eating too much, you can be a burn victim, or a cancer survivor who lost a head full of beautiful long hair because of chemo. Learn to look for beauty past the obvious, it’s in all of us (well, MOST of us minus the serial killers and those people, they’re just ugly). Most people tend to remain true to themselves, they are the same person in their heart. I love this. Thank you Nicole Strang for posting it.

Just an FYI, Nicole is my former boss, good friend and an ovarian cancer “surthrivor”. Check out her blog, Living With Grace. Trust me, it will open your eyes and your heart to the things that matter most. Nicole inspires me every day and I can promise, she will inspire you too.


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