Today Was a Great Day …

16 Jan

Best day volunteering at the aquarium today. I now have an 8 year old “mini-me” named Kellie. She was a little blonde girl, very outspoken and told it like it was. She introduced herself and asked “May I have your name please?”, she helped me teach the other little kids that sting rays in the tank were cool, and then she told me her teacher (insert Kellie’s air quotes, eye roll and disgusted voice here) “MRS RICKS” looked like the devil and yelled at her in class. She told me that she looked right at (insert more air quotes and attitude) and said “Why are you yelling at me? I can hear you just fine”. This little girl was awesome. She and her grandfather, Charlie, stayed with me the whole 2 hours and she wouldn’t leave until I got off at 3pm. She asked Charlie if he’d take a picture of her with “Jennifer, her new best friend” and told him she will only come back when I’m working now. I really love this place, makes my heart happy.


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