“As You” … A Reminder

7 Feb

As You: Kiss your loved ones goodnight and you get in bed tonight and crawl between your warm sheets

Remember: The soldier who is sleeping on the cold, hard ground miles away from those they love in a foreign land or even across the country sleeping in barracks as they learn the basics of fighting for our freedom.

As You: Log onto your favorite social media site to talk to your friends

Remember: Somewhere a soldier is carrying a 100 lb pack  on their back through the desert heat or the freezing cold so you have the freedom to talk to your friends online and use your freedom of speech.

As You: Sit around your Christmas tree, blow out the candles on your birthday cake, or celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love

Remember: The soldier who sits in a lonely tent without a tree wishing he were home, instead of cake opens an envelope of MRE’s for dinner, or longs to be home to hold the one that holds their heart.

As You: Complain because you had to work a couple of hours overtime

Remember: Their job doesn’t end at 5pm, they’re always on the clock dodging bullets, jumping into enemy territory, tending to wounded friends, and whatever else the cost of freedom requires.

As You: Thank God tonight for all he’s given you

Remember: To say thank you for those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and those they leave behind to fight the battle at home.

As You: Sit in a restaurant eating dinner with your family and see a soldier eating dinner alone or if you happen to pass a serviceman on the street

Remember: They are the reason you’re able to do so, walk over and say hello and thank them for their service, shake their hand and look them in the eye when you say those words. Offer to buy their meal for them as a small gesture of your thanks. Pay it forward. Make sure that solider knows he or she is appreciated, you could be the last hand they ever shake.

You may not agree with war or the reason they’re fighting, but you have to respect them for being willing to give their all for YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR COUNTRY. Support the troops, even if you don’t support the cause. If you can’t stand behind them, feel free to stand in front of them.


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