Just a Note …

29 May

I just had a pretty insulting response from an established artist regarding my request for a short interview (either video, audio or email) for the Lovin’ Lyrics Music Promotions website (www.lovin-lyrics.com).

I introduced myself and gave a little bit of background on what we do and the kind of group that we are here at Lovin’ Lyrics. I explained that although we’re a small upstart, we deal with quite a few major artists and well known upcoming artists as well, usually through the artist themselves or via their publicists/labels, etc. The response I got was this: “While I appreciate your interest in my music, I choose to only deal with major industry professionals who can actually help my career, not possibly hurt it plus I just really don’t have the extra time for companies such as yours.” … WHAT? Are you kidding me? If that artist, and I don’t say who it is because I try to keep things on a professional level, would take the time to look over our site, they would see that we do nothing BUT do our best to help them and do NOTHING to hurt them. Our purpose is to help as many people have access to their music, their updates, their tours, videos, etc and help them get to a higher place with their careers, not knock them down. I found this not only insulting, but arrogant and rude as well.

 If you’re an artist, please don’t take this attitude with smaller upstart companies such as ours, and there are ALOT of them out there. Yes, there are many that are in it for the wrong reasons but most, including Lovin’ Lyrics, are in it for the right reasons and that is to help you. We all work more hours on this website and social media than most people do in their regular jobs to make sure YOUR music is heard. We don’t all charge you for what we do. We don’t sell your pictures on Ebay and make a profit off of your image, we promote your music through contests for prizes that your publicists and representatives provide, we post all up to date news as soon as we receive it, we continuously tweet and post Facebook updates for you, we do interviews so that people can see the kind of person that you are in addition to the kind of artist that you are. We do our best to put your best side in the spotlight. We don’t post negative comments about you nor do we allow them posted on any of our sites. Our sites are about YOU and YOUR MUSIC, not us and our wallets. We value our connections with you and those who represent you and work hard to make sure you are seen and heard and would no way put them in jeopardy. We drive long distances to cover your shows and spend hours upon hours writing concert reviews and honest cd reviews, edit photos from those shows, post video interviews, and countless other things to help you. We do what we do because we believe in your music, believe in you as an artist and want others to know how talented you are. 

There are alot of small upstart companies out there and if you put us all together, we can reach quite a large worldwide audience and I don’t see how that kind of positive exposure can hurt you. 

To those of you who promote us in return, we thank you. We don’t expect anything from you, just common courtesy, the occasional thank you and the understanding that while we may be small, we all promote you in a big way.




One Response to “Just a Note …”

  1. Abby Montgomery May 30, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

    Damn! May he/she forever live in obscurity for insulting such a hard working advocate for artists! As a fellow promoter, I know the endless hours you devote to the service you provide and I for one am empathetically insulted along with you!

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