It Takes a Tragedy To Remind Us …

20 Jul

Photo credit: Washington Post


The shooting in Aurora, Colorado is something that to me is just beyond comprehension. How someone can calmly and casually walk into a family venue where innocent people are gathered to spend time together and have a good time and just take lives like it was nothing at all is reprehensible and sickening. This deranged person thought nothing of shooting a 4 month old child, someone’s mother, someone’s father and someone’s brother or sister. How do you do something like that? Life is the most valuable gift we all have been given and to be so callous and thoughtless as to commit such an act, well those people have a special place in hell. There is no forgiving something like that, no matter how much the Bible says to “turn the other cheek”. Some things you just can’t forgive. How do you knowingly inflict such suffering on another human being, someone that you don’t know, someone that’s done nothing to you, just a casual stranger? People are getting crazier by the day and it scares the shit out of me. The thought that this can happen anytime, anywhere to any one of us is frightening and truly makes one think and realize how lucky we are to be alive, how lucky we are to have those we love still with us. This world is a dark, lonely place for some people and those people have no second thought about making people around them suffer because they have somehow been wronged in their lives or because somewhere deep inside, they are missing that gene that gives you common sense and the ability to do right by people. That person could be sitting next to you at McDonalds, parked beside you at a red light, or even living next door to you.  What truly bothers me is the fact that it’s so “politically incorrect” to have prayer in schools or in public places. Really? No prayer in schools? Schools are where alot of these shootings and crimes occur, you’d think prayer would be more than welcome there. Prayer, faith, hope and a little kindness is what this world needs more of, especially in these times. Some people may not believe in a God, but I believe in THE God and know he’s looking out for me and those I love every day, every hour, every minute and I always remember to say thank you on a daily basis. Think of these 71 people in Colorado, their pain, the pain and anguish of those whose loved ones aren’t coming home from a trip to a movie of all things because some warped mind decided to use his Friday night taking lives. Stop bitching about your jobs, your finances, your bills, your daily complaints about things that are really insignificant in the big scheme of things and start reminding yourself how lucky you truly are. Hug those you love every chance you get, tell them you love them because you never know if they’ll walk back through that door at the end of the day or even if they’ll wake up in the morning. My prayers and deepest sympathies go out to each and everyone that was affected by the events of last night. May GOD be with you and may you heal the best way you know how with His help.


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