Positive Thought for Today: Change is ALWAYS Happening

30 Sep

Your life changes every second of every day. You make friends, you lose friends. You realize that those you thought were your friends really aren’t friends at all. You realize that person you didn’t like for so long makes a great friend after all. You look for love, you find love maybe with a stranger or maybe with your best friend, you lose love, you make love. You realize that all along, you’ve always been loved by somebody. You laugh, you cry, you scream, you wonder, you agonize, you sigh, you laugh some more and shake your head wondering why you were so upset in the first place. You wish you hadn’t done something then you are glad you did. You wonder what if, you take a chance on something or someone, it works out, it doesn’t work out, at least now you’re not wondering what if anymore. You have ups and downs, see good movies and count the minutes til bad ones are over. You question yourself, you doubt yourself, you gain confidence, you lose confidence then you realize you’re a pretty awesome person. You wish you were someone else then you see them for who they really are and thank God you’re you. You love life, you hate life, you struggle, you regain control and love life again. You give and you take. No matter what’s thrown your way, handle it and move on. Your life is waiting and it’s always gonna change, so adapt and change with it instead of letting it change you. If it does change you, let it be for the better


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