Thank You: Two Small Words That Have Big Meaning

22 Nov


Thank you … two words … they only take a second to say but for some reason, these two words seem to be the ones that people find the hardest to remember. We remember words to songs, phone numbers, to take out the trash but yet we can’t seem to find the time to remember to utter the two words that make a huge difference – thank you.

To tell someone thank you for what they’ve done for you, how they’ve listened to you, for supporting you, for holding the door open for you, for letting you merge in traffic, for a gift they’ve given you, and for their friendship is to recognize it’s importance and acknowledge that person. Do we not say them enough because we take too much for granted and assume people know we’re grateful to them? You bet we do. We take way too much for granted these days and that’s not a good thing to admit. We sadly assume there’s always time to say it later, but the only time you have for sure is right now, this minute. If someone’s done something to make you smile, said something to make you feel better, gone out of their way for you, spent their time on you, gives you a compliment, or just does something simple and nice for you, take the time to say those two words. When someone does something for you, it’s their time that they consciously choose to spend on YOU. What’s so special about you? Only that person knows and there’s obviously something that they see in you that you may not see in yourself that would make them do these things for you. Most people just pass each other, walk right by and never even so much as make simple eye contact. Try making a connection with someone, be nice, and if they do something for you, acknowledge it with two simple, short words – thank you.


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