17 Dec

So I’ve been thinking about the tragedy in Connecticut that shook our world last Friday morning and about the lives that were taken. There are photo tributes, video tributes and vigils everywhere you look but I was thinking about another meaningful way to honor those lost with more a “pass it on” graphic of a candle. Good always counteracts bad, even if it’s only in a small gesture of kindness. Today, at least for one day, let’s remember these lives and counteract the bad with doing something good for someone else

1.) If you’re on social media like Twitter or Facebook, reach out to 26 of your friends or followers you may not know that we’ll and make a personal connection, even a simple “Hello, have a great day” is enough. Make an effort.

2.) Instead of posting random pointless stuff on your timelines, where your music ranks on Reverbnation, where your next show is, and everything to promote yourself, make it about someone else. Choose 26 people you are good friends with or who have made a difference to you and say thank you, say some kind words about them publicly, let others know why you think they’re a good friend, tell what you see in them that they may not see in themselves.

3.) Thank those that support you – your parents, friends, spouses, significant others, kids, fans that spend their hard earned money on your music, promoters, marketers, label reps, IT guys, secretaries, the list goes on and on.

4.) Perform 26 random acts of kindness this week. Hold a door open, help someone with their groceries, if you see a serviceman out to dinner with their family or eating alone, buy their meal as a thank you for their service, buy someone $20 worth of gas who’s in line behind you at the gas station, donate toys to Toys for Tots, take a needy child toy/clothes shopping.

Pay it forward in memory of those 26 lives, show that you believe in the power of kindness.


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