It’s the Small Things That Matter the Most

19 Mar


It seems that the more people give these days, the less thanks they receive. People seem so caught up in themselves that they fail to notice when people put themselves out there for them. It doesn’t have to be that someone’s made some huge gesture towards you, it’s the everyday things  – your wife pouring you a cup of coffee when she pours herself on, the cashier who is on her feet all day yet still manages to smile and be friendly to you, the person who held the door open for you when you had your arms full, your friend that sends you a hello text just because they thought about you. Kindness doesn’t cost you anything, neither does recognizing the kindness given to you that you take for granted every day. Make eye contact with the grungy, dirty homeless guy on the street and instead of thinking to yourself that he’s probably scamming people, consider for one minute that he just might be legitimate and have been laid off or had some kind of medical problems that put him into financial situation he couldn’t overcome. That eye contact might be all he needs to feel better about himself, that he’s not some loser on the street. Better yet, smile when you make the eye contact. You don’t have to shell out money, just shell out common courtesy towards another human being. We’re all struggling in some fashion and can all use the smile of a friendly face, even if it just brings peace to a busy mind for a few seconds. Spend time with your kids, put your computer or phones down and give that attention to that little heart who just wants time with you. You should NEVER be too busy for your kids.

Spend time with your parents, they’ve sacrificed more than you know to get you where you are in life and reality is that they won’t be around as long as you wish they could be. Before you know it, that time is gone and you’re left wishing you’d had more time. You have time, it’s up to you to want to make it. Ya know that friend, the one who keeps asking you to go out to do things? That means they want to spend time with you, they like you, they see something in you that makes them want to spend more time with you. The longer you keep someone on the back burner, the sooner you’ll find they’ve taken themselves off the stove completely. 

 Just take the time, give of yourself, share your smile and consider other people. It truly makes a difference, not only in their lives, but in your own.


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