What Makes a “Great Catch” Worth Keeping?

16 Apr


So I was watching “Out of My League” tonight (love that movie) and it just reinforces exactly what I’ve always believed, no one is out of anyone’s “league”. You may not think you’re pretty or handsome, you may not believe you are a great catch but someone out there does and it may be someone you’d never think would. Who’s truly a “great catch” anyway if you’re only basing it on how someone looks? A truly great catch worth keeping is someone who sees you for who you are, not what they wish you were or want you to be. They make you a better person without trying to change the person you already are. They accept you, push you, believe in you and they see you as great just the way you are. If they don’t, throw ’em  back and let ’em hook someone else.


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