Know Your Circle

10 Jun


A friend shared this on her Facebook page today and I thought it was definitely share-worthy. It gives one a lot to consider and think about …

Author: Trent Shelton

Know your circle. Sometimes it’s the ones that are riding with you that really aren’t riding for you. Sometimes it’s the ones that you’d throw a punch for that wouldn’t take one for you, and sometimes it’s the ones you’d take a bullet for that’s behind the trigger. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. Just because they hang around you, just because they laugh with you, doesn’t mean they’re for you. Just because they smile in your face, doesn’t mean they’re talking good about you behind your back. People pretend well. Most will tell you that they got your back, but only few will prove it. Loyalty is RARE, so appreciate the ones who give it to you daily. Not everybody who says “I’m happy for you” wants to see you happy. That’s why the better you do with your life, the smaller your circle tends to get because intentions get exposed. So watch who you tell your secrets to, watch who you share your dreams with, because there is no guarantee that the relationship will last forever. Sometimes it’s the ones that say I’m praying for you, that are the main ones behind closed doors laughing at your struggle. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. Real situations will always expose fake people, so pay attention. Just to get ahead in life, people will drag your name through the mud, just to clean up their own image. Just to get ahead in life, people will tear your life down, just to build theirs up. It’s a cold world. Friendship isn’t about how much you talk, but how much you’re there for each other in a time of need. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. The smaller my circle got, the clearer my vision became. There’s not strength in numbers, there’s strength in loyalty. A true friend doesn’t throw you a life jacket when you’re drowning, because they would JUMP IN to save your life, or drown with you. Surround yourself around people who won’t hesitate to go through it with you, when things get real. Surround yourself around people who won’t let your back get against the wall because they actually got your back. If your circle doesn’t have that type of loyalty, that type of commitment, then you need to do some surgery and cut some people out. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. #REHABTIME

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