The Gift of Christmas: It’s More Than Under a Tree

24 Dec

This Christmas, take a look around you and notice the good in your life. Turn off the tv and the electronics and spend the day in love with your life, those in it and the joy they bring you every day. These are the people that God chose especially for you, to love you, to see the good in you, to call you out on your crap and to put up with your BS. They believe in you, want the best for you and encourage you. They are the most important element of your life. They are your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, cousins, siblings, significant others and  your friends. Your life wouldn’t be the same without any of them and they were placed in the middle of your messed up, screwy life to give it purpose and to help straighten things out when they start to go off course. Their love may not come wrapped in the prettiest packages or with perfect decorations, but they give you what they have without demands, expectations or rewards. 

Family is what you’re born into through no choice of your own and even though they may not be perfect, they are still your family. Do what you can to fix rifts, to mend bridges and to bring everyone together. Family is so important.

Friendship is something you choose and continue to choose every day that you keep someone in your life and it’s a choice the other person makes about you every day. Friends are here to teach you, to show you it’s ok to be who you are even if you’re not sure of who that is, to love you for exactly who you are. If the gift of their friendship doesn’t do that, then maybe you should re-gift and exchange for friends who will contribute to your life’s bank account instead of making constant withdrawals that leave you empty and emotionally broke.

So, this year, when you’re gathered around the tree opening your presents, be sure to thank each other for the gifts that aren’t under the tree and cherish those the most.

Merry Christmas to all of you!




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