You Only Get Each Second Once …

9 Apr

When’s the last time you really slowed down and took a look at where you were, took a look at your life, at yourself, and at those around you? Who you choose to surround yourself with makes such an important impact on your every day life, your attitude, your confidence. People just don’t realize how important people are. We’re all we have, really. Don’t let those who love misery keep you as company. Stop letting the negativity around you affect you so much, haters are gonna hate whether it be you or someone else. Stop giving your time and attention to those who don’t give you a minute of theirs and never let anyone else determine your worth. Get rid of the ones who are there but not really “there”. They probably won’t even notice and when they do, they probably won’t think twice about it. Life is too short for anger, for sadness and for feeling sorry for yourself. Step back and concentrate on the good in your life because I can guarantee you it outweighs the bad. Every day you spend dwelling on the stuff that doesn’t matter, takes away time you can’t get back. Don’t regret not doing something, cross that line, take that risk, give it a shot. Be kind to people, do what you can to help without expecting something in return, say thank you and mean it, say I love you and mean it more. You’re getting one day closer to the end of your life and that’s reality. Make this second and every one after it mean something, make it count, make it meaningful. You only get each second once.


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