Do You Know Who YOU Are?

30 Jul


Someone once asked me this question – “Who are you? Who are you as a person?”

My reply: I am Southern grit and Southern grace, outspoken most of the time, funny at least in my own mind, honest to a fault, unapologetically me, sometimes offensive, overly passionate. I am the frosting that turns your boring muffin into a cupcake, the Lucky Charm in your bowl of All Bran … I was born without a filter between my brain and my mouth and I’m ok with that … I cuss like a sailor on weekend pass, I think farts are funny, and I can belch the alphabet (well, ok, only up to C, but you get the idea) … I believe the most bad ass thing you can do is be exactly who you are … I’m a cold beer in a bottle kinda girl surrounded by a bunch of pinky raising wine drinkers … I like life simple and hate complication … I am the motivator of the “non get off their assers” … I just call it like I see it even if it’s not the way you think I should see it … I’m not mean, I am the teller of unpopular truths that other people don’t have the courage to say out loud but are thinking … You will pretty much always find me smiling or laughing because well, it’s my favorite … I still believe in the fairy tale even if it’s not meant for me … I am perfectly imperfect … I suck at life but at least I’m wicked cool while I do it … I don’t believe there is such a thing as being “too busy” for anyone … The time is there, you either make it or you make excuses… I think honesty is a rare thing these days and am doing my best to bring it back, not as a novelty, but as a must have … I’m also a deep thinker, I don’t think people take time to do enough real thinking … I appreciate and believe an “attitude of gratitude” goes a long way … In a world of people who could care less, I prefer to be someone who cares more … I believe if you’re not doing what you love, then you’re not living, you’re merely existing … My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are … I believe in helping the underdog and standing behind him to push him up when he feels like giving up. It’s what I do, it’s who I am. Any other questions?

Now, who are you?


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