Songwriters: Appreciation for Those That Give Music It’s First Breath

29 Aug


So I’m sitting here listening to my iPod and find myself, once again, really thankful for songwriters. If it weren’t for them, personally, my days would be a lot different. I wouldn’t have songs to sing really bad karaoke to in the car, nothing to sing in the shower, and I wouldn’t have a reason to do what I truly enjoy, promote great artists, because there would be no artists. Writers are artists that paint their personal experiences, thoughts and lives on silence and bring those thoughts and ideas to life for the rest of us. They really are the first breath of a song.

There truly are untold stories behind our favorite songs and thanks to them, the stories within each song make us laugh, cry, think, forgive, move on and accept things that have happened in our lives and learn to deal with them. Music is truly one of the most powerful things we’ve been given. It does have the power to change lives in some cases. I know it changed mine and for that, I am most thankful. So thank you to guys like Jason Matthews, Eric Paslay, Matt Ramsey, Matraca Berg, Joe Leathers, Ben Glover, Brian White, Josh Pruno, Ben Hayslip, Bob DiPiero, Skip Ewing, Ben Glover, Bruce Wallace, Steve Holy, Scott DeCarlo, Josh Charles, Ray Scott, Aimee Mayo, Matraca Berg, John Griffin, Bridgette Tatum, Brian Davis, Scott DeCarlo and all of the many others who share their talent in writing. I truly appreciate what you do and the work that goes into it.


One Response to “Songwriters: Appreciation for Those That Give Music It’s First Breath”

  1. Don Quinn October 7, 2013 at 11:19 pm #

    Awesome my friend… You Rock

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