Did You? Have You? If Not, You Should …

15 Sep

Did you say it? Did you say I love you? Did you say thank you to those who have helped you and stood by you because they see something special in you that you can’t always see yourself and that others may not be paying attention to? Find your passion, ignite a fire, make a move, make that call you’ve been too busy or too damn stubborn to make, date someone completely wrong for you because it might be you that’s been wrong about them, say hello because that one word could result in a lifelong friendship and opportunity you might have missed by not speaking, forgive and move forward, listen to good music and whatever you do, take the time to really look around you, to realize that life is pretty good. Appreciate it, it could all be gone tomorrow and you wouldn’t have another chance to do any of these things. #SoapboxMomentOver


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