Today I Am Blessed

27 Dec


Today …

I opened my eyes, took a breath and am able to live another day. There is still a purpose for my being here … I am blessed.

I hear my dog snoring in the hallway, he’s 12 and still with me … I am blessed.

I turn on my iPod and am able to hear some of the best music ever made … I am blessed.

I can hear my parents, aged 73 and 70, laughing in the other room … I am blessed.

I have the ability to love and to feel for other people … I am blessed.

I may be single, but I am not with the wrong person … I am blessed.

I have a job that pays my bills and provides insurance coverage. It may not be the career I’d love to have and I may hate it sometimes but … I am blessed.

I have amazing friends who are always really there and not just when it suits them. They make me laugh, cry, think and sometimes even piss me off but … I am blessed.

I realize how lucky I am to have the freedom to think and speak my mind … I am blessed.

I believe in a higher power that gives me hope and leads me with faith … I am blessed.

I sit back and think about all of the good in my life and ya know what … I am blessed.

Today and every day … I am blessed.


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